Steve Giles

People don't see themselves from the side, and when they do, they are often not pleased. My nose! My chin! Erase please. Profiles are also trouble because glasses can get in the way. There's no eye contact that reveals character. Or is there something special there? This portrait of Steve got me thinking about the possibilities of side views. Here are some more.

Joe Baker

Joe Baker, painter, Monterey, Massachusetts.

Ruth Ripnitz in Maine

Ruth Ripnitz, artist, Vinalhaven Island, Maine

L. Steven Taylor, actor, Lion King

L. Steven Taylor, who plays the Lion King Mufasa on Broadway, backstage after the show, being eyed by a hyena.

Marc Ringel collects crocheted items that are made to be useful including this hat.

Marc Ringel collects crocheted pieces that are made to be useful (for instance a doll with a big skirt that covers an extra roll of toilet paper). Here he models a soda can hat. He's also a doctor in Greeley, Colorado.


Pat Arnow

Steve took this profile of me.